Class Descriptions: check back as we add more descriptions from our instructors.

CoreFit: W. Palmetto St.

with Anne

Join me as we work on your strength and endurance through moving to upbeat music while doing body weight exercises that include using kettle bells, dumb bells, and doing ab work. Come change your core for the better and invite a friend!

Cardio Sculpt: W. Palmetto St.

with Carolyn

Come check out my cardio sculpt class. We get started with 35min of circuit intervals followed by 20min of abs. We use our resistance bands to increase our strength for the last 10 minutes of class! See you soon!

Kickboxing: W. Palmetto St.

with Lindsey Suto

If you need to burn some serious calories then this class is for you. It has been proven that punching and "missing" a contact point is hard and that is what we do. We keep you moving through punches, kicks and other martial arts moves while getting those heart rates up and metabolisms kicking into gear.

Kickboxing: Palmetto St.

with Angela

In my kickboxing class, you will find kickboxing moves and choreography set to the hottest music that will have you burning calories and ready for more!

Full Body Blast

With Kristy

Full Body Blast is an hour workout where we focus on every muscle group using light weights.  

Kettlebell Fitness: Palmetto St.

with Kristina

Have you ever felt intimidated by weight lifting? During my kettlebell class, you will learn proper form, challenge yourself, and complete a new routine every eight weeks. There are many benefits to training with kettlebells such as: improves balance, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Kettlebell training engages multiple muscle groups at the same time and is a highly effective way to build strength, flexibility and power in a short period of time. 

Knock Out: Palmetto St.

with Lindsey Suto

The perfect class to get rid of your daily stress. We may not have you in the ring but slide on some gloves or wraps and we will have you punch and kick your way into a more zen mood while burning some calories